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Community Centre

Hello, I would like to find out more information about this community centre.

  • What types of programs do you offer?

  • Is there a swimming pool at this location?

  • What age does the child have to be to start swimming lessons?

  • Can anyone use the swimming pool at any time?

  • When can I register my son/daughter for swimming classes?

  • Does this location have summer camps for kids?

  • How much does the karate class cost?

  • What time does the community centre close?


  • Did you explain what information you needed?

  • Did you give all the necessary details?

  • Did you ask all the questions?

  • Did you repeat back all the important information?  (date - time - amount - location)

  • Did you thank the other person for their help and information?


      Thank you for all your help.  Thank you for your assistance.  Thanks for everything.  I appreciate your help.

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